The one day out of 100 I decide to wear contacts, everyone at work is like

When a work week is 70+ hours

What you want to say:


When you have a work crush:

I just want to ask, between law school and the job world, wich one do you find to be the hardest?

First off:

While both sometimes make you feel like this:

Law school is more like this:

and work is more like this:

but then there’s paying off law school:

moral of the story, law school is expensive and will make you very talented in some fields:

When a friend says she misses my posts

Sorry I’ve been gone but

Labor day as an adult



The end of a Monday

While I’m still at my desk:

In the car home:

As soon as I’m home:

Running errands in work clothes


Me in the morning

Before coffee:

After coffee:

Networking events with other young professionals