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On the outside:

On the inside:

When I come home and my roomie is watching bar prep videos

Doing yoga:



Question: “Are there any good possibilities getting into law school with a poor gpa but a good lsat score? What can I do if I graduated with a poor gpa and still want to pursue law?”

First of all, about law school:

The job market is currently overflooded with lawyers:

You’re going to be competing with older attorneys with 6+ years experience for the same “entry level” jobs

But if you decide to go still, go where you can get a scholarship based on your score and GPA (it’s tough, but a good LSAT score and a good variety of activities can help) even if it’s not the “best” school

otherwise you’ll be paying back massive loans forever (law school ain’t cheap)

If you want to know your prospects use this site:

When I need workout motivation

Whenever I start to get frustrated with job hunting

Most first dates

Picking out the perfect outfit

Trying to make conversation

Long silences

And finally you get to go home

Question: “Any advice about attending a school close to home vs. going away to get a big city experience?”

Biggest consideration is money. Student loans are expensive. Go where they give you money

Also consider job prospects post grad for your school

Because no matter what law school will feel like this

and this

so good luck with that

When Team USA qualifies for the knockout rounds

Doing anything outside in the summer